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Ongoing Comedian Support

In any career, having somebody review what you are doing and work on ways you can improve is an incredibly helpful thing to have

Our comedy tutors, comedians and professional promoters are available for individual and personal comedy support.

Speaking to experienced comedy professionals on a one-off or ongoing basis can help you progress through the comedy circuit, and the arts and festival industry, and also help to improve your set. We ourselves have experience from open-mic comedy, through to worldwide touring and international arts festivals.

Examples of ways that our ongoing support can help

Have a professional comedian to analyse your set at a comedy gig and provide feedback

Get help writing material or have someone to discuss your material

Have short ongoing sessions and time with professional comedians to provide feedback on your routines and performances - or have comedians accompany you to gigs for feedback.

Talk to comedians and promoters for how best to sell yourself as a comedian and gain experience in how to progress at more comedy venues

Help in directing, producing or writing an extended set or Festival show

Learn how to get into comedy markets abroad, and the growing scene in Europe, Asia - from comedians who work there.

Speak to experienced producers and comedians to learn how to take part in the Australian Festival Season

This and much more can be arranged with ongoing comic support

Where one of our tutors, a professional comedian, a comedy promoter or producer  meets you once, or on a regular basis, to provide support for your comedy career.

Ongoing Support can take many forms, and obviously any support will need to a custom quote from us for for what you require, so do email us at admin@laughinghorse.co.uk to let us know what you would like to do.

Booking Information

If you would like book time for ongoing support contact us by email on admin@laughinghorse.co.uk. For more information on our tutors - click here

And Ideal Christmas or Birthday Present - Personal Comedy Tuition Vouchers

If you'd like to give a unique present to someone who loves stand-up, a comedy training gift voucher is ideal for them! 

Vouchers are valid for two years.

Half Day Personal Tuition

Valid for a 3.5 hour personal tuition session


Full Day Personal Tuition

Valid for a 7 hour personal tuition session