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Reviews and Testimonials from those who've been on our Courses

Three Weeks Magazine Review

2 Day Course at the Edinburgh Fringe

"This course has to be one of the best on offer. The students, including a policeman and a Dutch porn addict (if his act is to be believed), had all travelled into Edinburgh especially for the course.

Notable was the relaxed and uncompetitive atmosphere, in no small part down to the tutor who focused on helping each participant to find a personal style, coached them on how to edit their material and explained how not to fall out with comperes (particularly by not bumping into them on their way on and off the stage).

The course culminated in impressive performances that night at a Free Festival venue with radically improved acts... Everyone seemed delighted with the experience.

Highly recommended


Review of 'Trying 2B Funny'

Course graduates show at the Edinburgh Fringe

All of the students had completed a 2 day Laughing Horse Comedy course with Jay Sodagar prior to the Fringe, and all teenagers with no previous comedy experience.

Let's not lie. The title of this show is in no way comforting. As Michael our first teenage comic pointed out, trying to be funny indicates that these kids aren't funny. Which is very far from the truth. They were 100% hilarious.

Heatham House is a youth centre for children in Twickenham and surrounding areas, and boy has it done these kids proud. There were a couple of blunders, and not every gag went down well, but I laughed all the way through. Special mention has to go to Esther, rightly the headline act. She was a natural comic, in a way that was refreshing. This was serious talent, watch them now or pay for it later


"A medicine like no other! I took Jay's course as part of my PTSD recovery following nearly 23 years Service in the UK Armed Forces.

I was struggling to cope with people in a supermarket, let alone the idea of standing in front of a audience staring at me! But every step of the way, Jay convinced me I could do this.

I now have new skills that enable me to turn dark moments into funny material and I know how to create a performance that enables me to be in public for the first time in years.

But best, I now have the joy that's received when you not only make them laugh, but laugh hard and frequently! I've got some joy and hope back in my life.

Better treatment than any psychotherapist could deliver."

Jay Sanders, Project RECCE former Armed Forces Beginners Course

"Jay Sodagar's online comedy courses - the intro through to the advanced - have infused a new vitality and structure into my comedy ethos. I truly believe that had I stumbled onto Jay sooner, I'd have much more to show for my comedy career aspirations.

I've been dabbling in stand up since 2009 and despite numerous classes, I didn't have a grounded notion of what I should fundamentally be doing in the writing or performance aspects of stand up.

Jay's classes really helped to break the art of stand up down into its essential elements. His kind and supportive nature were really refreshing and I'm honoured to be included in the cult like community that his former students have created!

I recommend his classes to anyone who will listen and I've already made at least 1 convert.

Stephanie Parker, Online Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Student

"The course has improved my confidence and the open spot I performed went down really well! And it's pretty cheap too! If you've got funny bones, you can do no better."

Duncan Hart, London Beginners Course

"friendly, informative and well-structured. A supportive environment allows wannabe stand-ups to develop material quickly... A no-brainer for anyone interested in the business, and a fun experience "

Paul Doncaster, London Beginners Course

"I have found the course immensely helpful, as an actor for a number of years - with the tutor very supportive and helpful. I have now managed to learn a whole new way to perform in just a couple of days"

David Watson, London Beginners course

"I just wanted to thank you and Kevin for this weekend's course. I found it very helpful and informative."

Jeremy Leverton, London Intermediate course

"Spending two days with Jojo was one of my favourite Edinburgh Fringe experiences, and learning to create a set and hear a room full of people laughing after just two days was amazing!"

Julie Watts, Edinburgh Fringe Beginners Course

"I tried this course after another one in London that didn't help me - and Jay's teaching was the exact opposite. He helped me find my comedy voice and gave me the editing and writing help to be able to get up and Feel confident. Brilliant."

Nathan White, London Beginners Course

"Doing the beginners course on Zoom was a very unique experience but Jay taught me stuff that I was interested in and it sparked the passion and creative juices to make longer, stronger and better sets.

Before doing the course being a stand up comedian was just a pipe dream and thought that it would never happen but since doing the course my dreams can now be something that can actually happen.

Jay has been encouraging me to do more gigs and I've been looking for more gigs to do so that I can get more experience and more confidence"

Jonny Caley, London Beginners course

""what I got [from the Course] was a box full of applicable comedy tools that I regularly use. How do I brainstorm? How do I write a script? How do I edit? What is actually funny and what does not work? - I know these things now. Go and learn them too.... PS: Im German, so The Laughing Horse did the impossible."

Susanne Pemmerl, Online course graduate

"Kings Arms Salford November 2015. There were 13 of us on the course - 4 or 5 of which were senior management, attended the course to gain confidence and to try to be humorous back at work! I learnt so much in a weekend as 67 year old Welsh veteran of 32 years in British Army... Great coarse Great Host. Loved it!!"

James Everett, Manchester Beginners Course

"Once it's over, it's easy to see why so many people want to be stand-ups. Even in a first time set, the thrill of a gag hitting the mark is a powerful drug. Obviously, no two day course is going to make you into the next Frankie Boyle on its own, but for those thinking about a career in stand-up or those who just want to learn a few of the skills this is an excellent place to start."

Another Three Weeks Reviewer, Edinburgh Fringe Beginners Course

"I did the beginner course in summer 2019 and the intermediate course in autumn 2020. My experience of both courses where nothing but positive. Jay is a great teacher and the course equips you with everything you need to perform your first ever set. I only planned to do the course so I could tell myself that I gave it ago . I now regularly gig open mics around Manchester and about to take part in Beat The Frog at the Frog and Bucket.".

Dom Hutchins, Beginners and Intermediate Course

"Jay is a wonderful teacher. In just a 2 day course, he was able to impart the how to access the sub-conscious adeptly . I wouldn't say it was a condensed course - like a good chemist he was able to crack the code to catalysing - crystallising and consolidating the essence of comedy. Thank you Jay and laughing horse - I now have a useful new skill!"

Dipa, London course graduate

"This course gave me everything I needed to get from 'I'm funny; I should be on stage' to 'I've got a five minute routine'. Our course tutor took us patiently through all the steps needed to think up material, edit, perform and connect with an audience. Everything was clearly and simply explained and easy to understand. I'm definitely feeling 'Open Mic ready'"

Danny, Beginners Course Graduate

"I didn't think I could do it before and now I know I can, and that was my main objective. The editing process was VERY useful."

"...everything was fantastic. Jay was friendly and patient and the exercises were fun. The subject matter was presented extremely clearly and simply and everything made perfect logical sense."

"I felt really supported to pop my comedy cherry. And it was great"

Various Anonymous Reviews

"The recent comedy course was great. The tutor (Jay) was very good, very professional and friendly. I would certainly recommend this course to any of my friends who might be interested."

"Loved it..., hope to repeat it"

"The practical tools we got were so simple yet so incredibly effective that each of the participants made huge progress in only a few hours."

More Various Anonymous Reviews

"I loved every minute of a recent two-day comedy stand-up comedy workshop for beginners with Jay Sodagar - via Zoom. I was extremely impressed with Jay's ability to deliver so much fascinating and practical content online, and share a clear passion for - and extensive experience of - the craft.

The course is very well structured and always relevant with valuable, fun activities. Jay's manner is consistently lively, generous and supportive; everything he says clearly comes from the position of communicating audience and performance realities. "

Andy Cowle, Zoom Beginners course

"I can not believe how much information I have managed to gain after just completing this course. Jay is absolutely phenomenal at explaining the process, and being able to interact with a group of strangers with a common interest was brilliant. Absolutely worth every penny- I definitely want to come back for further courses."

Stephanie Watkins, Beginners Course

"Jay was a great teacher, and the 2 days flew by... We did our course at the King's Arms in Salford. I've now taken Monday morning off to recover! Absolutely knackered, but utterly loved it, and made some great friends really fast."

Jim Sullivan, Manchester Beginners Course

"Absolutely brilliant course! Worth every penny! jay was a fantastic tutor and able to explain humour in a way that was both fun as well as pitched to all levels. Do yourself a favour and go! "

Jase Creates, Beginners course