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Corporate Training and Comedy in the Workplace

Comedy courses, workshops and activities used as part of a company's staff development programme can offer a unique opportunity to motivate, inspire and challenge in a corporate environment as part of your company's next team building or training event.

Provide your team with a unique experience and to improve on skills

Learning stand-up comedy performance can provide your team with a challenge, an experience to bond and also to learn and enhance skills that can be used in the workplace, in corporate presentations and help interaction between colleagues and clients.

There are many ways comedy can be used as part of your corporate training strategy, and exact programmes can be tailored precisely to your requirements. We are able to be extremely flexible with creating programmes to suit what you wish to achieve from the sessions - however four options that we deliver have proved popular:

Option 1 - Corporate Stand-up Course

Half-day, 4 to 5 hours

A session covering essentials in preparing for, writing and performing stand-up comedy.

We break off into groups, each led by a tutor where each participant gets to focus on creating and refining their own routine.

Each person performs 2 minutes of stand up in front of the group at the end of the day.

This final performance can be to the students, in a show at the workplace, or a show at another venue or comedy club

Option 2 - Comedy Taster and Workshop

Half-day, 4 to 5 hours

A session covering the essentials in preparing for, writing and performing stand up.

More relaxed general chat, no pressure on everyone to actually get up and perform

Five or six of the bravest from the group act as the performers, whilst the rest contribute, give feedback and create a routine for the performers to do.

The best performer (as voted for by participants and Tutors) wins an appearance at a live professional comedy club!

Option 3 - Team Building, workshop and general fun day

Half-day or full day

Less formal day of fun and activities. Working with the comedy tutors and an acting/drama tutor.

Participants get to choose the activities they want to do, from the following:

  • Improvisation games
  • Drama games
  • Acting from a script
  • Writing comedy songs
  • Learn to juggle
  • Work on a stand-up routine.

Those brave enough get to perform in front of the group at the end of the day.

Option 4 - Team Building Weekend

Day 1

Arrive and getting to know each other session with informal games and activities for improvisation and confidence

Sessions covering the essentials in preparing for, writing and performing stand-up comedy - in small groups with tutors creating 2-3 minutes of comedy material, with practice sessions and feedback from tutors and fellow students.

Improvisation games, Drama games, Acting from a script, writing comedy songs, learn to juggle

Work on a stand-up routine.

Evening Comedy Show and Quiz.

Day 2

Deconstructing spoken and written comedy - what makes a good comedian, how are jokes written, writing rules, writing games.

The History of comedy - what is the roots of stand-up comedy, comedy videos, where do comedians fit into things in the world today.

Revisiting the 2 minute sets, how can these be changed and improved?

The final show - the students perform their sets, alongside professional comedians - prizes for the best.

Other Options

We can also arrange a comedy night out, your own private comedy show or a cameraman to produce a souvenir recording of the day or weekend.

Booking Information

Please email us on admin@laughinghorse.co.uk to let us know what you're looking for. We will get back to you to discuss full details and the options you are looking at, to tailor sessions specific for you and your training needs.