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The Shows marked as "Childrens" are shows in the Children's section of the Fringe programme and are aimed at children - the rest of the shows are shows aimed at adults that are family friendly - think "PG" rated in the most part.

Most of our venues allow children in up until 6pm (except the Hive, Espionage and Jekyll and Hyde), and children/teeneagers are welcome at most shows, but if the shows are not listed above please be warned that the shows may contain themes or subjects that are not suitable for children and/or swearing.

Childrens and Family Friendly Shows 2010
100 Greatest Beekeepers in Switzerland, Ever
Adventures of a Singing Acupuncturist: Olivia in Caledonia musicalsandopera.jpg (1715 bytes)
Amoeba to Zebra
Are You Lonesome tonight?
A World of Pure Imagination
Confessions of a 'Smart' Wrestling Fan
Dave Baucutt: Exceptionally Average
Electro Gemstone! (and Other Instruments of Moderate Intrigue) - Free
Herbie Treehead Show
I can Make Your Life Slightly Better
I Can't Stand up for Falling Down
Lessons in Chaos with Mike Belgrave and Freinds
Mages Through the Ages
Mary's Extraordinary Story Club
Michael Piper: The Ping Pong Years
OCD: The Next Generation
Pig With the Face of a Boy: The Girl With the Arms Made From Marrows

Pig With the Face of a Boy Presents: Dan Woods's Oral History

Sheep Ahoy!
Still Life: Tales From the West Bank
The Beta Males' Picninc Present...
The Classics of Magic!
The Hamwehads
Two Wise Men

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