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Venue Image
Laughing Horse Free Festival Venue
32 Below

Fringe Venue 442 - Click here for map

32b West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9DD  / 0131 667 7533

Food  Wifi  Licensed  Air Conditioned
Open from 11:00 to 03:00
All ages until 6pm, then 18+ only

32 Below and sister venues The Counting House and Pear Tree form a complex featuring shows in three performance spacesand a huge outdoor courtyard. 32 Below is located right in the heart of the area most associated with the Fringe, within seconds of the venues in George Square and Bristo Square

Shows at 32 Below
List Shows: By Room and Name | By Start Time
Shows sorted by Venue Room
Little Cellar 

AUG 4-15, 17-28 at 19:00 (60 min) - PWYC 
It's all smooth sailing until 3AM. Then the brain has its revenge.  ...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Angela Bra: Life Lessons COMEDY 
AUG 4-14 at 11:30 (60 min) - FREE 
Singer/Songwriter, rising star on social media and part-time primary school music teacher, Miss Angela Bra, invites you to share in her words of wisdom as an international online super sensation in th...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Daphna Baram: Out and About COMEDY 
AUG 4-7, 9-14, 16-21, 23-28 at 13:00 (60 min) - PWYC 
Crawling out of Covidworld into the elusive sun, Daphna Baram examines what's left, what's ahead and what has gone for good and realising, much to her horror, that she is not the same, either. * * * *...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Daylight THEATRE 
AUG 15-28 at 11:30 (60 min) - FREE 
In a steel-lined basement on a near-future Thursday morning, Conor and Julia are waiting for the world to end. Julia has spent her life plagued by visions of darkness, and today is the day when, accor...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

AUG 4-14, 16-22, 24-28 at 14:30 (45 min) - PWYC 
Maureen Langan doesn’t want to hate people; they make her hate them. Langan uses her quick wit and hysterical outrage to lambast politicians, reality stars, hipsters, cougars, and the easily triggered...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Eh! Comedy Tour COMEDY 
AUG 4-28 at 23:30 (60 min) - FREE 
Two internationally touring Canadian comedians, Andrew Packer & Jacob Balshin, perform a blend of stand up & musical comedy with an emphasis on improvised crowd work. The two form a unique connection ...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Hard Knock Life COMEDY 
AUG 17-28 at 20:30 (60 min) - FREE 
A split hour of comedy from two southern acts trying to make it in the no-nonsense northern comedy scene. Dom Hatton-Woods talks about having an alcoholic father, living in a student house and being t...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Kirsty Munro: Sexcapades COMEDY 
AUG 4-16 at 20:30 (60 min) - PWYC 
Kirsty Munro talks about naughty stuff, overshares and gets saucy. Asking the important questions of a modern day feminist like: Hairy or Bald Fanny? Am I too wasted to do a slut drop? If I have a bab...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Late Night Comedy Death Camp COMEDY 
AUG 4-15, 17-28 at 01:00 (60 min) - PWYC 
Henry Ginsberg presents a possibly anarchic, probably slightly depraved and almost certainly alcohol-fuelled showcase of the best stand-up comedy at this year's Fringe. Hopefully, everybody makes it o...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Little Drummer Boy COMEDY 
AUG 12-20 at 17:30 (60 min) - PWYC 
Little Drummer Boy - It’s not easy being one of four kids, especially when you’re the youngest and the thickest….. but maybe as you’re always the last sibling to do anything you look for something dif...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Matt Hobs: Follow the Science COMEDY 
AUG 21-28 at 17:30 (60 min) - PWYC 
When you follow the science, you don't know where you'll end up. Join Matt on his journey as he rediscovers his love of science. Matt did a PhD in biochemistry and believed he'd make a difference in s...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Not Angry, Just Disappointed! COMEDY 
AUG 4-11 at 17:30 (60 min) - PWYC 
A COMEDY SHOW ABOUT PARENTHOOD Rachel Morton-Young and Colin Etches muse over the joys of parenthood; the highs, the lows, the irritations and the chaos. Observational, witty and relatable, this show ...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

The Kids of Canada COMEDY 
AUG 4-28 at 22:00 (60 min) - FREE 
The Kids of Canada is a stand-up comedy show featuring three of Canada’s best young comedians! After two long years of pandemic restrictions, these three 20-somethings from the far-away, exotic land o...
32 Below / Little Cellar 

Tom Lawrinson: Cheeky Monkey COMEDY 
AUG 4-28 at 16:00 (45 min) - PWYC 
Tonight Matthew I want to be, Tom Lawrinson. Don't we all! Tom Lawrinson (that guy from tiktok) performs an hour of stand up comedy. Hubba-Hubba! Let's fall in love with each other as i tell you all a...
32 Below / Little Cellar 
Main Cellar 

A Bookish Comedy Show CABARET 
AUG 4-15, 17-28 at 15:30 (60 min) - PWYC 
“The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.” – Terry Pratchett ★★★★★ - Dircksey Magazine ★★★★1/2 ...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Aidan Jones - Taco COMEDY 
AUG 4-28 at 21:30 (50 min) - FREE 
My nickname is Taco – the first girl I ever kissed thought I looked Mexican. I'm Colombian actually. My Mum was backpacking in South America when she was 22, came home and found out she was pregnant. ...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Alcohol Is Good For You COMEDY 
AUG 4-8, 10-15, 17-22, 24-28 at 17:00 (50 min) - FREE 
Join us for a drink & another hour of non-stop inebriated laughter! Same spirited show but with all new faces performing stand up and sharing their best drunken comedic tales! If they cant make you la...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Comedy for the Curious COMEDY 
AUG 4-14, 16-28 at 20:00 (60 min) - PWYC 
Comedy for the Curious is a comedy panel show with a science twist. Each show comprises of three very different stand-up comedy sets all around the topic at hand. Award Winning host Robyn Perkins (4 S...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Comedy Striptease COMEDY 
AUG 4-8, 10-15, 17-22, 24-28 at 00:30 (50 min) - FREE 
The best, most daring stand up comedians from the festival showcase their skills but If they cant make you laugh... then they must Strip! Come along for an hour of high-caliber comedy mixed up with lo...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Frighthouse Presents: The Wheel of Misfortune THEATRE 
AUG 16-22, 24-28 at 18:30 (50 min) - PWYC 
The Ringmaster returns to present some more darkly quirky tales of the surreal and macabre. Inspired by such shows as Inside no 9 and Creepshow. New writing presented by local creatives using Theatre...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Laugh Train Home Comedy Showcase COMEDY 
AUG 4-28 at 14:00 (60 min) - PWYC 
One of London's hottest club comes up to Edinburgh to showcase their favourite acts at The Fringe. Its a great way to plan and discover what shows to see at the Fringe, as well as an excellent stand a...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Laugh Train Home Comedy Showcase COMEDY 
AUG 15 at 20:00 (60 min) - PWYC 
One of London's hottest club comes up to Edinburgh to showcase their favourite acts at The Fringe. Its a great way to plan and discover what shows to see at the Fringe, as well as an excellent stand a...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Lemon Party COMEDY 
AUG 4-28 at 23:00 (60 min) - PWYC 
Multi award-winning comedian Dan Tiernan hosts a late stand-up comedy show like no other. Joining him is a line up of his mates, who also happen to be some of the greatest comedians that have ever wal...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Life Drawing With a Comedian COMEDY 
AUG 4-8, 10-15, 17-22, 24-28 at 12:30 (50 min) - FREE 
Life drawing meets comedy! That's right, if our jokes don't make you laugh our poses will. We've enlisted the funniest comedians as models to do stand up as you sketch and laugh. Model/ comedians diff...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Rebels Without Applause COMEDY 
AUG 4-15 at 18:30 (60 min) - PWYC 
Rebels without Applause is an hour of Stand Up Comedy from 3 up and coming Comics. Jonnie Smith, Ed Thorn and Luke Terry. Fresh off the back of a sell out run at the Edinburgh fringe 2021 and received...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Rope-A-Dope COMEDY 
AUG 21-28 at 11:00 (60 min) - PWYC 
ROPE-A-DOPE By TERRY O’NEILL “Boxing has become America’s tragic theatre.” - Joyce Carol Oates “A good boxer is an artist. ...Boxing is existential.” - Norman Mailer "I think he took to...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

Sketch Up! COMEDY 
AUG 5-15, 17-20 at 11:00 (60 min) - PWYC 
A smorgasbord of radio sketches, performed live. Witty, intelligent and irreverent, we take a sideways glance at modern living. If you like John Finnemore, you’ll love “Sketch Up!” As heard on BBC Upl...
32 Below / Main Cellar 

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