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Peter Campbell-Wells
Performances  Aug 16-30 00:05 (50mins)
Venue Espionage, 4 India Buildings (Entrances on Victoria Street and Cowgate). In Kasbar 
click here for venue details. Click here for map.
Box Office 0131 4777 007
Admission FREE


Mentalist Peter Campbell-Wells returns to the good old days of Victorian Britain, when dabbling in the occult was a respectable pursuit of the upper middle-classes until TV ruined everything. Taking the concept of occult parlour games from past to present, he presents a session of psychic-themed party games, ranging from the classics of mesmerism, through spirit communication to his own peculiar take on Psychic Charades. Some of what you’ll see is genuinely weird. A lot of it is utter humbug. But that’s just how the Victorians liked it! Pete’s demonstration is irreverent, manic, possibly irresponsible, and thoroughly interactive.

"Campbell-Wells clearly has a talent for reading people (or is actually psychic...)" - ThreeWeeks.

"Peter Campbell-Wells? Never heard of him but I feel he will be great someday!" - Uri Geller

Peter Campbell-Wells is a professional mentalist. He’s a member of the Magic Circle, Psycrets (British Association of Mystery Entertainers), Equity, and the RAC. He makes no claims at having actual psychic powers, but recently won a challenge against spirit medium Donna Stewart during a public standoff in Covent Garden. Similarly, he won’t deny having real psychic abilities if there’s a paying job in it for him (or a pint). Pete is an experienced palm reader, but still prefers Calvin & Hobbes.


There is no need to Book Tickets for Free Festival shows - just turn up 15 minutes before the performances. Please contact the venue for assitance with disability acces         

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