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2021 Brighton Fringe - Latest Information
Last Update: 13th January 2021
Latest Updates: Fringe Delayed to June; Note added for shows that did October Fringe
The Brighton Fringe
  • The Fringe has been delayed in 2021, and is now scheduled to go ahead May 28th to June 27th, and we are aiming to take part!
  • It is currently unknown what covid restrictions will be in place in June, and given current information from the government, we are uncertain as to how feasible these dates will be - we will update as soon as we know more in discussion with the Fringe and other Brighton Fringe venues what is going to happen.
  • Brighton Fringe deadlines are much later this year, and there is no physical programme enabling shows to register right up until the start of Fringe if needed. Given this, we are now looking at delaying programming as late as possible to see where things will be.
  • Current Fringe registration dates are: Registrations for launch close April 2nd; General shows on Sale April 16th; Additional registrations after this added as and when. 
  • You can log in to this site now to update shows and applications from 2020 if you wish. (click here)
  • At this time, we know we will be able to use the Quadrant and Caroline venues for Fringe if things proceed.
  • At the moment with the the Walrus and Temple closed, and staff furloughed and not contactable it is currently impossible to work out what might be possible at those venues.
  • Should restrictions be eased so venues can operate, we're expecting them to be under social distancing and covid regulations as per 2020, so are expecting a very limited capacity, currently the Quadrant and Caroline would be 15-20 people.
Shows rolling over from 2020
  • All shows who rolled over from 2020, will get first option for a space in 2021
  • As soon as we are confident in programming a space, we will be in contact via the mailing list. Sorry, but there is no current ETA on this.
  • All rolled-over shows still have the option of refunds as per the details emailed last year, from us and from the Fringe for the 2020 programme entry.
  • If you performed with us at the October fringe in 2020, you're still classed as rolled-over so you'll also get the option to do a show again this year before new applications too.
New Applications for 2021
  • If you'd like to be considered for a space this year, please do put an application in now via this website.
  • There's no commitment, and obviously things may change with the Fringe at the moment - but by applying you will be on our applications and contact list so we can be in contact with you should we be able to programme your show in whatever form the 2021 Fringe takes!
  • We'll update you with our  venue costs as soon as we're able to programme new shows.
  • We will be dealing with rolled-over shows from 2020 before any new shows, given what is likely to be limited spaces, and can't yet say when we'll be in contact with any new shows.
  • click here to lo log in and create an application
I hope all of those details help, and naturally given the covid situation it's all somewhat changeable at this stage.
We also hope everyone keeps safe and well at this time, and for us to be back at the Fringe as soon as it's possible, and when it is safe for us to do so for our audiences, venue staff and performers.

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