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Nick Page

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Nick Page used to front a proper show on the BBC and everything, but obviously messed that up through living like an idiot for most of his 30s. He does voiceover work, and radio, and has written articles and a book (which is still being argued about by publisher and lawyer, due to a vengeful ex-wife).

Nick works in comedy clubs all over the UK circuit and the world you know, stuff for ex-pats, the military, posh people who can afford a comic at a private party, dodgy people who live on caravan parks. Anywhere with a microphone and an audience (and a chequebook). He tells stories about how he messed up his life, stories with punch lines. Like Jokes really. But true. True-ish anyway.

All of this is said in the first person on his website and weve plagiarised it here but its all basically him saying hes good so here are some quotes from other people saying hes good:

"RoguishBear like and with a host of barely believable stories about life, love and brushes with the law" The Guardian

"The very best story teller on the comedy circuit" Rhod Gilbert

"A Very Fine Man" Jo Whiley, Radio 2

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