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Children's and Family Friendly Shows

If it is a full comedy and Cabaret show suitable for all the family, or entertainers for children's party and events, we have the entertainers to suit your event.

Please send all your booking enquiries to admin@laughinghorse.co.uk

Full Family Friendly Comedy & Cabaret Show

Laughing Horse presents a family friendly comedy and cabaret show, which provides great fun for anyone aged 6 and over. Our shows feature a mix of several top professional performers including a selection from comedians, children’s entertainers, magicians, musicians and street performers, all mixed together in a show to keep the children entertained, and to keep the adults laughing too.

As part of the performance there are lots of opportunities for audience interaction and for the kids to take part in silly quizzes, games and win party prizes.

Laughing Horse has produced children’s shows at its venues at international festivals including the Edinburgh and Brighton Fringe, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International comedy Festival. The show format is flexible and performers can be aimed at different ages from little ones to teenagers – let us know what you would like!

An ideal show for schools, youth and other children's organisations, fund raisers, fun days, and can also be booked for children's parties and other events.

Performers include these and more: Nik Coppin (compere, silly superheroes and TV quizzes); Dave Chawner(compere and general Silliness); Dr Mike Blues (Children help compose a song); Peter Campbell Wells (silly magic); Mike Belgrave (balloon animals, songs, comedy, silliness); Paddy McCullough (comedy & Magic); 'Hollywood Director' Craig Shaynak (the audience creates a Hollywood Movie, plus lots of other comedians and performers to suit your show!) - and many more!

“Great fun! Go and see it” – Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe 2011

“The kids had a great time” – Adelaide Fringe 2012

“Mums and dads will be onto a winner with this afternoon of delightfully immature comedy” – Herald Sun, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2012

“An enjoyable hour of varied family fun” – Broadway baby, Edinburgh Fringe, 2012


Songs, magic, balloons, stories, puppets and lots of laughs with his kid’s show.

From children’s parties, kid’s shows, to nursery rhyme sessions and stand up for kids, Mike will attempt to cater for your celebration or event and make it special.

Mike is a versatile performer and can do any of the following or a combination.

Babies: Under Fives Nursery Rhyme sessions, where he plays songs on the guitar and ukulele which is ideal for libraries, children’s centres, toddler groups and birthday parties for very young children.

Young Children: Great fun parties for children 4-7. Songs on the guitar, puppet, balloon modelling, magic and lots of laughs. This can be done as a straight show or in a more relaxed way by improvising in the environment. For example sitting with the children while they’re having a picnic and being their big silly friend.

Santa Claus: Having a party at Christmas? For an extra fee Mike can come along and double up as Santa Claus with his own professional suit. If you require this service, Mike recommends that you publicise this as a photo opportunity as other venues charge per person for a photo and visit to see Santa. This will help to bring more people to your event and saves you having to pick a poor member of staff who doesn’t want to do it.

"Sure Fire Gags" - The Stage

"Great fun, you must go and see it" - Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

"The kids couldn’t stop chuckling at Mike’s antics playing funny songs on his guitar and telling jokes" - East End Life


THE FULL SHEBANG: Entertainment from start to finish. Pete hosts a full party, the event will begin with informal gags, games and tricks as the guests arrive. There'll be a full magic show, followed by balloon modelling. The second half of the party involves party games - my take on party games involve musical bumps and similar jumping and dancing type activities. No children are put 'out', but the best players in each game collect stickers. The children with the most stickers win prizes at the end of the game session and get to 'magic up' a load of sweets for everyone else. The party will end with close-up magic tricks as children are collected and leave. For older children, we can offer offer a karaoke session instead of party games, allowing kids to sing current chart songs as well as favourites from High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Camp Rock and similar movies and TV shows.

THE MAGIC SHOW: 45-minutes of lunacy. Children respond to comedy first and foremost, and Pete is not the kind of performer who grins smugly, saying 'look what I can do'. His shows are brash and irreverent, designed to have the audience making as much noise as possible. The show is geared to the age of the audience, but he never talks down to kids. In most cases, they come out looking much wiser and brighter than Pete!

BALLOON MODELLING: Balloon modelling is available as an add-on to the main show. Balloons are always popular with children under ten years of age (and those over thirty!). They're best delivered around the table during lunch or tea. This way, all the children know who's next in line and have a good idea of when they'll get their balloon. As far as timing goes, allow about a minute per child - so a party of 30 children would require about 30 minutes to provide each with a balloon animal.

KIDS' CLOSE-UP MAGIC: This is the kind of magic you'd expect to see at a wedding reception or similar function. It's visual, showy and impressive magic that happens right under the audience's nose. For younger children, Pete obviously avoids card tricks, and concentrate more on more self-explanatory visual magic. We recommend close-up magic to children aged five and above, as younger kids often lack the patience for it. Kids' close-up magic takes the form of a 15-20 minute session, which can be booked in addition to the main magic show.

PARTY GAMES: Party games are available only as part of the 'whole shebang' package, and generally occupy the latter half of a party, after the children have eaten. For younger kids, we avoid games in which players need to be 'out', instead using a sticker system', whereby the best players are awarded stickers, and those that have the most by the end of the party are declared overall winners. Most of the games are played to music and involve dancing, running around and other active daftness.

KIDS' KARAOKE: For older children, a karaoke session can be a novel alternative to party games - and are especially popular with young fans of X-Factor, Hannah Montana, High School Musical or Camp Rock. The last half of a party is ideal for a karaoke session for small groups of children. If you're holding a bigger party with lots of kids, however, you might want to make it all karaoke-based! Please note that karaoke depends on singers being able to read lyrics from a screen, and is therefore only suited to reading-age children!

FLEA CIRCUS: Only the most highly-trained imaginary fleas are allowed to perform in our flea circus. This is by far the silliest thing in our repertoire, but the sheer absurdity of it tends to be lost on anyone under the age of 25. This is one for the 'big kids' in the audience!!

Contact Us to book your Family Friendly or Children's Show

All of our shows for Children are put together for your event, and the budget will depend on the location, length of show, ages of the audiences, number of performers required etc - so please contact us to let us know your requirements - admin@laughinghorse.co.uk