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The Laughing Horse New Act of the Year - Previous Winners and Finalists

The competition has been running since 2001, and in that time there has been a huge number of comedian that have been discovered by it. Some have gone on to become household names and there are many more act that are now top-level award performers, award-winners, and international touring performers. Here's the full list of the acts that have been talented enough to reach the final since it all started back at the turn of the millennium...


Winner: Donal Vaughan

Runners-Up: Nigel Ng and Cheekykita
Special Mentions to: Emmanuel Sounobi

Finalists: John Pendal, Saskia Preston, Peter Flanagan, Dimitri Bankanov, Njambi McGrath, Dylan Gott, Glorious Monster, Lucy Roper, Flora Anderson, James Shakeshaft


Winner: Jenny Collier

Runners-Up: Olaf Falafel and Ed Caruana
Special Mentions to: Eshaan Akbar and Lydia Hirst

Finalists: George Rigden, In Cahoots, Jenny B-Side, Joe Jacobs, Katherine Ferns, Nabil Absulrashid, Robin Morgan, Robyn Perkins, Simon Caine, Wizzy Janew


Winner: Sofie Hagen

Runners-Up: Alasdair Beckett-King & Jonny Pelham
Special Mentions to: Jack Heal

Finalists: Richard Stainbank, Ben Clover, Andrew McBurney, Zak Splijt, Mark Barrowcliffe, ames Farmer, Alistair Williams, Sunil Patel, Mo The Comic


Winner: Bobby Mair

Runners-Up: Matt Rees & Matthew Giffen
Special Mentions to: Funmbi Omotayo

Finalists: Rob Mair Barry Ferns Tallah Khosravian Funmbi Omotayo Hill & Wheedon Matthew Giffen Nick Beaton Darius Davies Harriet Kemsley Wayne Mazadza Leo Kearse Matt Rees Laura Caruthers


Winner: Adam Belbin

Runner-Up: Mark Stephenson
Joint 3rd Place: Darren Walsh & Chris Turner

Finalists: Patrick Lappin, Tom Rowson, Henry Ginsberg, Darren Maskell, Suzy Wylde, Lauren Shearing, Damian Kingsley, Stephen Bugeja


Winner: Julian Deane

Runner-Up: Andrea Hubert
3rd Place: Daniel Smith
Special Mention to: Richard Rycroft

Finalists: Dan Wright, David Gibson, Mark Cornell, Inel Tomlinson, Mark Restuccia, Alan Sharp, Anna Freyberg, Robert Comminskey, Pete Beckley


Winner: Sam Gore

Runner-Up: Joe Lycett
S3rd Place: Fergus Craig

Finalists: Kai Humphries, Helm & Taylor, Alex Maple, Jason Patterson, Tony Dunn, Andrew Ryan, Lambros Fisfis, Lady Garden, Michel O'Donovan, Martin Hill


Winner: Darren Ruddell as 'Kev'
Runner-Up: Henry Paker
3rd Place: Ismo Leikola

Finalists: Imran Yusuf, Tom Rosenthal, Andi Osho, Ben Hayman, Daniel Simonsen, Nat Luurtsema, Nathaniel Tapley, Pat Burtscher, Paul McCaffrey, Tom Canty


Winner: Daniel Rigby

Runner-Up: ack Whitehall
3rd Place: Stuart Black

Finalists: Liz Carr, Andrew Watts, Joanne Lau, Snorri Kristjansson, Joe K, Mowten, Grainne Maguire, Rob Alderson, Matt Rudge


Winner: Carl Donnelly

Runner-Up: Neil Price
3rd Place: Tomi Walamies

Finalists: Andy Sir, Stuart Goldsmith, Wendy Reed, Tom Clutterbuck, Marlon Davies, Duncan Crawford, Jim Smallman, Nick Cowen, Lee Brace


Winner: James Branch

Runner-Up: Joe Wilkinson
3rd Place: Al Stick

Finalists: Vince Atta, Griff Griffiths, Nathan Caton, Papa CJ, Gary Bell, Terry Saunders, Adam English, Tony Littler, Del Strain


Winner: Russell Kane

Runners-Up: Chris McCausland
3rd Place: Steve Francis
Honourable Mentions to: Simon Fielder and Victor Daniel

Finalists: Henning Vehn, Geoff Taylor, Duncan Logan, Richard Kilby, Frank Honeybone, Matt Price, Helmut


Winner: Marek Larwood

Runner-Up: Matt Kirshen
3rd Place: Rhod Gilbert
Honourable Mention to: Steve Hall

Finalists: Saj, Teddy, Matt & Faron, John Lauren, Ronak Mashru


Winner: Greg Davies

Paul Kerensa: Paul Kerensa
3rd Place: Nina Conti

Finalists: Daft Johnny Vader, Paddy Lennox, Kevin Shepherd, Karen Cockfield, Doniert McFarlane, Jaik Campbell, Vicky Frango


Winner: Matt Blaize

Runner-Up: Simon Kent
3rd Place: Chris Tisdal as 'Dylan'

Finalists: Barney Power, Bill Horrigan, Gina Fidelson, Mel Crosby, Simon Gent, Steve Williams, Susan & Janice